Alternatives 4 Learning - About Us

Alternatives4Learning have over 25 years experience within the arena of learning, training, organisational development and education.

The Alternatives 4 Learning Mission is:

                                                        "To provide alternative ideas and solutions for effective and worthwhile learning"

We aim to do this by providing a regular source of FREE information, materials and models about the learning, training and education we identify and assess. 

Individual Learning & Development
We hope to assist people seeking new information and learning aides to develop their skills and knowledge, by providing access to free and cost effective resources.

For business we aim to enable Business Leaders and Learning Professionals to source a range of services and resources for business learning & training needs.

Alternatives4Learning Methodology

This site will therefore provide a wide range of information and materials but with the emphasis of seeking 'alternatives' to the mainstream or mass media advertised learning solutions. This is not to say we won't provide insight into or comment upon the better known or more advertised learning solutions, but our website will also provide a vehicle for independent and SME sized solution & material providers.

Alternatives4Learning Services

Additionally Alternatives4Learning can provide bespoke learning solutions for both individuals and business. Some of the services we provide are listed below:

Personal Learning Services:
     Personal 'Life' Coaching
     Personal 'Life' Mentoring
     Career Management

Business Learning Services:

     Business Needs & Opportunties Analysis 
          Quick Fix and/or In-depth Analysis tools to enable Business Owners/Leaders/Managers identify new opportunities, efficiencies, ideas to ensure the business   
          can survive and grow

     Business Coaching or Mentoring
          All levels - up to and including Exec/Board members

     Learning Solutions Design & Delivery 
          Specialists in Communication, Customers Services, Sales and Management Skills Development

                     For further details on any of the above and/or about other opporutunities concerning Alternatives4Learning - visit our 'Contact Us' Page