Coaching Agreement - What to Include

This article looks at the Coaching Agreement or Contract to be agreed before the start of a Coaching relationship. 

The completion of a Coaching Agreement/Contract is essential prior to the commencement of a Coach and Client working relationship, and is key to progressing successful coaching outcomes. 

In some cases the Agreement takes the form of a professional contract – whatever the approach of the coach, a written agreement/contract of some description should be integral to kicking off the association. This article focuses upon the key ingredients for the foundation of a coach and client relationship.

What should be included in a Coaching Agreement?  

A coaching agreement or contact helps define the relationship on a formal and professional level.

It ensures that both the client and coach have clarity from the outset.
It’s a way of setting and agreeing to the ground rules.
What should be included in the Coaching Agreement?

It's recommended you consider the following?

  • Coaching etiquette and Confidentiality
  • Number and regularity of the coaching sessions
  • How & When the sessions will be reviewed/evaluated
  • Length and location of the coaching sessions
  • What happens if either Coach or Client miss a session
  • Re-scheduling protocols

Payment terms

  • Cost of extras or expenses
  • Contact details for phone coaching
  • Re-scheduling sessions
  • Missed session charges
Why it’s essential to have an Coaching Agreement/Contract

An agreement is an important starting point for the relationship. With respect to any future differences/disagreements some form of agreement or contract will be required to safeguard either party

Prior to commencing a working relationship it is strongly recommended that an assessment with the client is carried out to ensure they’re fully aware of the coaching process they are about to enter. Additionally it is advisable to spend a significant amount of this time going through the coaching agreement/contract. 

The client’s signature on the agreement/contract means the coaching can commence.

An agreement/contract also provides the client with a written outline regarding the expectations of the relationship.