Life Coaching

What is Life Coaching?

In this section Alternatives 4 Learning reviews the industry of Life Coaching.
Career & Training Information For Coaches

We will look at the training available for budding and existing Coaches with a look at the variety of options available to any budding and/or existing Coaches.

Becoming a Coach is now a popular career development choice and one that is growing in influence in both the professional business context and as a service to the domestic/personal market place.

We will examine how to develop a career in Coaching and how to run a successful business and/or attain a professional appointment as a Coach.

Our early articles will include a review of the Free Training currently being offered by the Coaching Acadamy and other similar Accredited training organisations.

Finding the Right Coach

We will also provide tips on how to select a coach.

To assess if coaching can add value to your life or career.

Plus what should be in a Coaching Agreement/Contract - on what basis should a Coaching relationship be founded upon and what should it aim to achieve.

News & Updates

Alternatives 4 Learning will also provide updates and News from the Coaching Industry and Coaching Marketplace.

                                                Make Alternatives 4 Learning the place to visit to gain an independent view of the Coaching Industry.