GROW - A Coaching Model
The GROW Model is a 4 staged practical coaching approach.
1. During the first step (GOAL) the Coach and Coachee agree on a specific topic and objective for discussions.
2. The second step (REALITY) both the Coach and Coachee invite self assessment and offer specific examples to illustrate their observations and points.
3. The third step (OPTIONS) is where suggestions are offered and choices are made.
4. Finally step 4 (WRAP-UP) both the Coach and Coachee commit to action, define a timeframe for their objectives and identify how to overcome any potential obstacles.

A few tips for using this model are:
Use more 'ask' than 'tell' - Elicit useful ideas from your coachee - don't just try to prove that you are smart!
Think creatively - not just systematically, particularly in the Options and Wrap-Up steps
Illustrate, and check understanding, throughout by using specific examples - from the coachee's and your own experiences

Agree topic for discussion
Agree specific objective of the session
Set long-term aim (if appropriate)
Invite Self-Assessment
Offer specific examples in your feedback
Avoid or check assumptions
Discard irrelevant history
Cover the full range of options to improve
Invite suggestions from the person you're coaching
Offer suggestions carefully
Ensure choices are made
Commit to action
Identify possible obstacles
Make steps specific and define timing
Agree support

**Source of information - Max Landsberg book - "TAO of Coaching"