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Business - Managing Learning/Training

How a business manages and develops its people is arguably a key ingredient to its success.

The Cost of Learning

Investment in staff development is however usually a contentious issue for most businesses – both in the amount of money invested, plus the additional cost and time required for learning to be undertaken.

Additionally there is then the question of how the business can measure its return on the investment in learning/training.

Make Learning Pay (or be less expensive/more cost effective)

Alternatives4Learning aim to provide a centre for unique business learning solutions and provide you with new ideas to invigorate your business:

1. Facilitate individual learning options or simply point you in the direction of cost effective and/or discounted learning opportunities.

2. Help you to better analyse and identify learning and training needs.

3. Help your business calculate and or assess impact of learning/training solutions.

4. Provide your Managers and Trainers with the tools to bring new life into their learning solutions and motivate your staff more to improve your business performance.

Free Business Learning/Training Audit

Alternatives4Learning believe too many businesses often over spend on learning resources and/or don’t effectively analyse the outcomes of their learning investments to ensure they are getting value for money.

We can help you with our free learning/training audit to help you establish what opportunities are available to improve your learning/training strategies – to either increase efficiency, cut costs or simply improve quality without further expense.

Alternatives4Learning have a team of experienced and creative learning specialists, who are all business focused, and business owners themselves, so therefore understand the need to run a business to optimum effect to continually increase or protect profits.

To commence your free Business Learning/Training Audit – go to our Contact Us page (see menu at the head of this page) to enable us to contact you