Life Coaching - Free Training from The Coaching Academy

Have you ever considered becoming a Life Coach?

The Coaching Academy currently offer an introductory course for FREE for people interested in or considering a career as a Professional Coach. Specialist disciplines are catered for in the suite of diplomas offered by the Academy – such as Personal Life coach, Small Business Coach, Excecutive/Corporate Coach, Youth Coaching & NLP Coach.


The two day FREE course is advertised as designed to discover whether coaching is right for you and which type of coaching potentially suits your personality.

Of the one I attended recently in Leeds, I experienced two highly active days covering the basics of coaching which examined the core principles of how to coach anyone in any situation, without any prior knowledge of that person's circumstances.

The Academy’s perspective is that coaching does not require the Coach to be an expert in any field other than in the skills of coaching. Arguably they propose it is in fact, an advantage not to be too close to a client's situation.

The distinction and definition of coaching is that it differs to mentoring (or consultancy), which requires a 'been there, done that' relationship.

The skills to be developed are therefore centered around how a coaching session should be structured, the objectives and goals it seeks to achieve, the development of the Coach and Client working relationship – via listening and questioning techniques, the core focus being upon how the coach helps their Client identify and find solutions and/or makes decisions to make changes to their life.

The Coaching Acadamy Reputation

The Coaching Academy claim to be the largest, most successful and reputable organization offering this type of training, though it is worth stating that there are many different ways to become qualified by some accredited body in this relatively new sector of employment.   

Like any healthy cynic, I was skeptical of the 2 day event being some kind of massive hard sell process, which I’m pleased to report it was not. In return for sampling how one of the Coaching Academy courses runs, the final part of the two day session is reserved to present and pitch to the delegates the courses on offer and a range of price options available for enrollment on one or more of the diploma’s available.

I can happily recommend that attendance at the event will enable you to experience a professional training session, and whilst delegate numbers were relatively high – the event started with approx. 120 delegates – the event was facilitated and managed well by the Trainers who are all Coaching Academy trained and professional Coaches.

       For more details review the Coaching Academy website. The Two Day Training events are run regularly in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds.